Just picked up this at the outlet........

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  1. I just purchased the Bleecker Large Flap Bag for $143.99 at one of the Coach Outlets. I think it was a good buy. Does anyone have this bag and do you like the bag? 11419_b4kl_a0_front.jpg
  2. I really need to hit the outlets.

    I like that bag.
  3. I have this bag in black/khaki and LOVE IT! It's my everyday bag in the fall and winter. Love the long strap so it's guaranteed to fit over the winter coat! Congrats on your deal!
  4. I really love this bag! I need one :smile:
  5. Sorry for the double post but would you be able to post modeling pics? I'd love to see this on.
  6. I have it in navy and love it! Sorry no way to post pics.
  7. That sure sounds like a deal. I really like this bag.
  8. :wtf: OMG, you got such a great deal on it! No kidding it's a good buy! I got it for 50% off and I thought I did well. Oh well, I did get a few bags for $49 so I shouldn't be so greedy. Mine is ink coloured.

    Is yours black? I've never seen it in black so good for you! :tup:

    I love this bag and I also have the matching ink coloured chequebook wallet for $59. I love the braided strap. The bag size is great too if you are just going out for awhile. It carries the basics and looks really classy.

    In fact, it's prettier than the current Bleecker shoulder flap because of the braided strap--the new one is a plain strap. Mind you, I love the double front pockets on the new one.

    Enjoy your new bag!

    Take care,
  9. Great bag! I've seen it in siggy at the outlets but that is it. I thought it was beautiful...but then some other lady snatched it up. LOL Ah well...she was funny about it all so I just had to laugh.
  10. Great deal.
  11. Love this bag!! You got a great price for it. I agree with mm... we need some modelling pics.
  12. Great bag!
  13. great deal - love the bag
  14. Yes, the bag is in black as pictured above. I like the basic black color.

    They also had the Bleecker Large Duffle Sac (I think), but it was so large when I tried it on, I could not pull it off like the Flap Bag. It was selling for $159.99. I was initially drawn to it before the Flap Bag, but I did not think it looked good on me. The salesperson agreed. Anyway, it was still a great bag.
  15. It's a beaut and a heckuva deal!