Just picked up Pirata at Waikele

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  1. Just got back from Waikele and picked up a Campeggio and a Dolce in Pirata.

    They also had Bocce, Ciao, Mama Mia, a Trenino and Nuvola.

    There were a lot of people in there snatching things up, no doubt some of you from here. I was told that this was the AM batch and they're still waiting for Waikiki's. Good luck in getting your Pirata 30% off ladies!
  2. Yay! :yahoo: Congrats rileygirl!! So will the campeggio be your new diaper bag? I've been thinking of getting one for that purpose, but I think I'd miss those mesh side pockets that diaper bags usually come with. And looking at the one I'm using for my girls now... it kinda gets beat up. Haha! Curious to see what the other TPF gals picked up in Pirata!! Post pics when you can! :tup:
  3. much congrats to ya..i wonder if my mom wants to go check it out lolz.......not for me though ;) hahahaaha i got mine, i'm satisfied :biggrin:
  4. just got back from Waikele also? Hmm..wonder if i saw any of you guys there? I already have my PIRATA MM i picked up from Ala Moana with the 30% off. Didn't really see anything i liked. I was hoping they had BV.

    did they say when they would get waikiki's shipment in?
  5. Yeps, it will be my diaper bag for little boy since my bags from little girl, are well, girlie. LOL. It's a little small and not my first choice of styles but maybe it'll help my cut down on the junk I carry.

    Sorry, didn't ask about Waikiki's shipment but I am sure someone else on here will know.
  6. Riley Girl-what time where u there?
  7. 2:30 ish? I was the one with the LV bag. Were you there then?
  8. i was there today as well, around 3:00 maybe. there was only 1 mamma mia left, but it had just legs almost smack dab in the middle of the top. the rest was ok, but i coudln't stop from hating those 4 dangling legs right there in the front!
  9. yes, i remember the LV bag, as i was leaving i think. I was admiring your bag. You were with an older women right?
  10. i had an adios star campeggio, but i didn't think to really look around to see if i knew anyone. when i found out that the mamma mia on display was the only one left, i left.
  11. nope, I was by myself. ok, I am a dork, i was the huge pregnant lady. LOL
  12. wrong person. hehehe, would have loved to see your BEAUTIFUL BELLY!
  13. so my sister called me up about a hour ago, saying she was stoppin' by cause she had a suprise for me. to my amazement she bought me a tokidoki bag for my birthday (which isn't til a couple of weeks). I was so happy, but, she bought me a MM (which i asked for in Pirata), but i already bought one other day. She looked so happy that i didn't want to burst her bubble. So i didnt' tell her that i had one. Oh well, i'm going to post on LJ to try to sell it off, or simply return hers without her knowing cause my MM has better placement. thank goodness she knows nothing about tokidoki so she won't notice that i acutally have mines!

    but it's acutally from her, cause i get my money back:wlae:
  14. I'm happy you girls got your stuff :tup: I went to the outlet tonight and picked up my hold that consisted of a mamma mia, campeggio, dolce, and luna. Congrats everybody :wlae: