Just Picked Up Hampstead Mm...and...eek!..

  1. I also saw the runway bags....
    Guys..Im IN LOVE........The bag is 2550...said OLYMPIA on the tag..LOOKS kinda like this bag??
    [​IMG]Has a braided handle..Is THE NICEST LV BAG I HAVE EVER SEEN!!Actually reminded me of the CHanel baby cabas in a quilted TDF leather!!I cant begin to describe how FREAKIN GORGEOUS it is IRL!!!!!

    OH and DID I mention..Im picking it up on FRI AM..Im DEAD...LMAO...I had to have it...UGH.....

    PS-That buttons bag was WAY TOO BUSY...eek...LOL
  2. LOL CONGRATS! I love the cloud bags too but am holding out for the Miroir!
  3. LOL!! Congrats Jill!
  4. Congrats on the new bag! I saw the cloud bags on Friday and love them! However I would dirty that bag... It does remind me of the Chanel Baby cabas too
  5. I saw the cloud bags this weekend and I love how they are made! I wish they would make some more LVs like this in some smaller sizes.
    Congrats on getting one!!!
  6. I saw that yesterday....it was so soft!!!! I loved the way the logos were stitched, kwim?
  7. opps...congrats on the hampstead middle sister!
  8. Will post pics in a few of Mrs Hampstead MM...LMAO
  9. The cloud bags are so HOT! the leather is so soft!
  10. Can't wait to see your Hamstead pics. Congrats.
  11. That's the one I'm listed for......I am going nuts waiting@@ akkkkkk..
    Congratulations!! Mmmmmmmmm it's soooooo soft & pretty.
  12. not my thing.
  13. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats.....enjoy
  14. yay congrats on hampstead mm and the impending cloud!!!
  15. And how's the hampstead? :graucho: