Just picked up Damier Cobalt Keepall 45

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  1. I travel around 10 times a year and I found that my Keepall 60 in Monogram canvas was too big and the contents made it too heavy so I sold it on eBay.

    After much deliberation over wether to get a Keepall 45 or 55, whether to get Monogram Macassar or Damier Cobalt, I finally decided upon a Keepall 45 in Damier Cobalt. Bought it from Harrods for £955.00

    I'm absolutely delighted with my bag and know it was the right decision.

    However, every reveal I've seen of a Damier Cobalt product also shows a dust bag unique to Damier Cobalt. I assumed mine would also come with a blue dust bag with grey stitching but I just got a standard one. I asked my SA who said that it only comes with certain bags but would see if he had one big enough but no luck.

    What is everyone's experience of this. Will I have any luck in taking the dust bag to another store and swapping it?

    I'm now scouring the LV website for my next purchase :smile:
  2. Congrats with your purchase! Did you buy it on the basement floor, mens section? Did you also visit the Sloane street store? Now you need a Cobalt wallet ;)
    I wouldn't bother about the dust bag. It's totally unconcerned.
  3. With the right SA anything is possible.
    I've gotten plenty of Dust Bags if they had it available for "just because" reasons. Hope this helps. Enjoy your new keep all and GL!!!
  4. I just went straight to Harrods, I never bother with the standalone stores as I find the service in Harrods so much better.

    And yes, I bought it from the men's department and it actually spans the Ground and Basement floors.
  5. Hey, I came in here expecting some reveal pics!! :pout:
  6. Same here. I thought it was a reveal thread.
  7. Yeah, pics! Pics! Pics!