Just picked up a Loeffler Randall bag @ Target!

  1. i've never heard of this designer but apparently they just came out with a small collection of bags and shoes for target. anyways, i picked up a super cute woven satchel for $50. of course, at this price it's not real leather but it actually looks quite good. the bag looks much better in person than in pictures. the metal hardware is heavy and the bag doesn't feel like a cheap bag at all. not all of the bags are as cute but it's a good deal for a very stylish bag that is not overly trendy. even though it's not a vuitton, a new bag always gives me a purse high! :wlae::yahoo::woohoo:
  2. I actually love Loeffler Randall especially their boots. Post some pictures if you don't mind! I think the one you bought is the one I'm eyeing. Glad to hear you like it!
  3. nice! thanks for letting us know! i'm going to check it out online
  4. I got a good look at the LR for Target bags the other day when I was there. They actually look really good for being faux leather. The woven bag you mention is really nice. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. I wasn't too impressed with the photos of these bags that I saw online, but am more than willing to give them a 2nd look IRL at the stores.

    Maybe I too, will be pleasantly surprised?!
  6. I also just picked up the white woven leather satchel. It's looks amazing! not too cheap looking at all. They didn't have the brown patent woven one at my target but I'm really curious how it looks in person. Did anyone get the brown one yet? reviews?

    I opted not to get the balet flats. The bottoms were too thin and looked slippery.
  7. I saw these right before Xmas & posted about them

    I like the cream color woven satchel better than the patent brown one (when originally, I liked the brown in pics). I think the patent look of the brown one makes it look cheap. I also really like the Dusty Rose chain clutch (but don't think I'd have anywhere to use it). The larger tote isn't bad looking either.

    I absolutely LOVE the shoes. They only had the rouched ballet flats, but I'm hoping the peep toe flats are in by now (I hope they're not "on-line only" items). Has anyone seen the peep toe flats in their stores yet?

    Like I said before, of all the designer lines for Target (as far as accessories go), so far these are my favs
  8. ^^^ I agree that the cream color version of the bag looked better than the patent brown. I wish they had done a non-patent brown or some other color as well. I think the bag would look really pretty in a dusty rose color with antique brass hardware.
  9. i, too purchased the woven satchel in cream. the cream satchel looks absolutely divine and not cheaply made. the brown one was a disappointment, though. i was hoping to purchase that one (over the cream). i haven't used it, yet but i can't wait.

    i also purchased the chain clutch in brown. but i think i might go back and exchange it for the rose gold.

    this has been the best collection so far (since devi kroell and rafe). and can't wait for gryson.
  10. Bump.
    Can anyone who's bought this bag post pics modeling. I'm thinking about getting it but haven't found it IRL (sold out). Thanks!
  11. I have it in cream too. I like it just OK.
  12. me likey the woven tote..
  13. went to target this morning and saw several of the woven tote.. the brown is too shiny IMHO.. the other color is more like broken white.. the style is ok but too small for me.. they still have 3 of each..
  14. I love the concept of these special collections for Target, but I can't get down with pleather. I understand some people opt for it over real leather for their beliefs, but for me, I can't stand the plasticy feel (and, sometimes, smell). This is what happened with the Devi Kroell for Target bag I bought.