Just picked up a lil somethin' somethin' from LV...(strip tease!)

  1. Insert sexy stripping music......*dun duuuna na na*
    Any guesses? :smile:
    Bag.JPG Box.JPG
  2. LE violette cles?
  3. I wanna see, I wanna see!
  4. Hmm...a cles? a wallet? jewelry?


    can't wait to see the reveal!
  5. Also, wouldn't the appropriate music be...bow chicka wow wow...lol not that I would know or anything
  6. I'm going to guess a cles. I have no idea though!!! Can't wait to see it!
  7. reveal reveal~!!!
  8. mini pochette?

    the new cles?
  9. Okay stop teasing and start stripping! LOL!
  10. Either a cles or a heart?

    Come on, reveal!!! lol.... congrats by the way! ;)

  11. :yahoo:REVEAL!!
  12. keke - i think "bow chica wow wow" would work too
    Inside.JPG Inside2.JPG
  13. okay okay....the reveal: mono french purse!!! I was deciding btwn the eugenie wallet and french purse...but i decided that since it was oging to be for everyday use the french purse would probs hold up better since the eugenie buckle (altho super classy and gorgeous) would probs show wear and tear quite easily
    mono.JPG side.JPG
  14. In a time like this you need X-ray vision...congrats anyway...
    but please show us your new babies...ahhh
  15. I missed your last post...congrats liltiffany...great wallet...
    post pics...NOW!!!