Just Picked up 3 Bags. I am so excited!

  1. Just picked up my new bags today. A MC white Priscilla, Tulum PM and a Damier Speedy 30. Now to upload the pics when my DH gets home.
  2. What a great mix of bags! Can't wait to see the photos!!
  3. Oh My~ That IS a Haul! Can't wait to see the pics! Congrats!:flowers:
  4. wow..can't wait to see the pics...
  5. Awesome buys :smile: cant wait to see the pic's. Congra'ts.
  6. OMG congrats love your new bags great choices want a white MC ohhh the priscilla sooo nice
  7. WOWO! 3 bags at once!! Congrats!!
  8. I love the priscilla, its such a stylish bag!
  9. Congrats!
  10. congrats! i can't wait to see the pixz!
  11. here they are!:drool:
  12. wow congrats! love the priscilla
  13. Oh wow! 3 different styles but they look GORGEOUS together! Congratulations! Oh...they're all so pretty....
  14. here, larger image:drool:
  15. Pretty! Enjoy!
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