Just picked my 2017 Christmas gift

  1. Thanks, everyone.
    Yes, my SA is super nice. She always surprises me.
    I live in Canada, now it's too cold for the silk scarf when I wear it I will definitely update in scarves 2018 post.
  2. Congrats on your classic B!
  3. What an amazing B! A true classic! Enjoy!
  4. Stunning B and scarf! Awesome!! Congratulations!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats on your new B and your 140 silk scarf!
  7. We are bag twins. The 30 black togo and gold hardware is fantastic! Congrats!
  8. The Birkin is beautiful and so classic. Congratulations!! :tup::tup:

    Your new Panthera is possibly my favorite design of the last couple seasons!! :love:

    Enjoy both your new beauties!!
  9. Congratulation on your new B
  10. Love it all! Congratulations on your first Birkin :heart:
  11. Both are beautiful - congrats! I disagree about it being too cold - you can always wear it indoors and swap out a warmer one for outside :smile:
  12. -30C in Canada, I personally just feel silk is cold and not want to use it
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  13. Haha fair enough, silk definitely doesn't keep anybody warm :biggrin:
  14. Holly Molly -30 degrees.
    Congrats on your holy grail bag, hope you feel warm up!
  15. Congrats on both gorgeous items and having such a thoughtful SA that follows through promises. What great Christmas gifts!
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