Just picked my 2017 Christmas gift

  1. My SA called me on the last day before we are going to Vacation, and my store is 300km away from home. so I have to ask my girlfriend pick the bag for me.
    After I came back home, I just picked it up and opened the box.




    First is Panthera Pardus in silk 140cm, it’s from spring 2018. I am already in my bed, when I wear this one, I will update in the scarf 2018 post. I missed 140 shawl in pp, really like this.



    Here is my first birkin 30. I picked the Constance mini this May, and still waiting for my Constance 24.
    Our store is very small and we don’t get a lot of Constance 24. My SA was asking if I want any birkin or Kelly.
    I had birkin gold 35, it’s too big and recently I really want something small. So I told her maybe a birkin 30 black Togo and gold hardware in fall 2017. My SA said she will try, and mostly likely will be spring 2018.
    So I didn’t expect this coming so fast.
    Very exciting for this new bag, I don’t have lot of stuff, just need a bag fit kids water bottle, keys, iPad, wallet and a cosmetic bag. This one is perfect!
  2. Congrats! You have a lovely SA who is really making effort for you! Enjoy your bag! It is a lovely classic!!
  3. Congratulations! Your Birkin is gorgeous. Love the 140 silk, I have this CW in the gavroche, but the 140 is amazing! That hem...:love:
  4. Congratulations, she is beautiful with gold, absout classic !!!
  5. Congratulations to your first and absolutely gorgeous B enjoy her
  6. Wonderful presents. Enjoy!
  7. Beautiful scarf and bag! A very merry Christmas for you! Congrats!
  8. Would love to see a pic of you modeling your PP and your B together. I bet it will look sensational!
    Belated Merry Christmas!!
  9. Gorgeous and classic. Would love to see modeling pics of the scarf!
  10. Beautiful bag and scarf:heart:
  11. Connecting with the right Sa is so important
    Glad you found yours and this ever classic b
  12. Congratulations
  13. Congrats on both beautiful pieces. The PP is so pretty, I just bought the same design in another cw. A black B with ghw is the best!
  14. Such an amazing Birkin wowowowowowow you got a true classic in the best size!!! Congrats and Happy Holidays to you and your wonderful SA!!! ha!
  15. Beautiful classic bag. Love the scarf!
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