Just pick one...Trevi PM or Tivoli PM

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  1. I'm trying to decide what bag I would like to buy next. I'm torn between Trevi PM or Tivoli PM. There's no rhyme or reason to my selections, I just like these two. I'm curious as to what others would pick.
  2. I just got a Trevi GM and I love it, so I would say Trevi PM:smile:
  3. I'd probaby say Trevi! :loveeyes:
  4. Trevi! Such a beautiful bag...
  5. Trevi ;)
  6. TREVI... it's a beautiful bag!
  7. trevi
  8. Tivoli! It's so beautiful. I find the Trevi a bit meh
  9. Tivoli!
  10. trevi
  11. Tivoli!
  12. What a tough one! They are both equally beautiful and two bags that I would love to own! I think that I would have to go with trevi for me personally due to UK weather. I also find that the tivoli pm looks teeny!
    So, trevi for me
  13. I have a Trevi PM and a Tivoli GM.

    The Tivoli PM is teeny tiny. It's not an everyday bag.

    Both are beautiful - I love the Trevi because it's versatile (hand held or shoulder).

    The Tivoli PM is mostly arm held (and the PM has a smaller drop length so prob not great for shoulder wear).

    I can carry my Tivoli GM on the shoulder. But have tried the PM and if didn't work for shoulder carrying wear...

    I hope this helps a little? xox
  14. trevi
  15. trevi!;)