Just pick ONE 08; which is it?


is on a purse ban :(
Jul 29, 2006
I know I'm probably the only one who feels this way, but I am just not excited about the Spring 08 colors after seeing photos of the bags. I had waitlisted for a Magenta City with RH, but after seeing the photos posted by other TPFer's, I'm just not interested. :crybaby:for me, but :yahoo:for my bank account!!!
Same here. I'm really not a fan of pastels or bright colors, I prefer bags in dark colors or neutrals. BG is really pretty but I honestly can't see myself using a pink bag, so I think I'm just sticking to accessories for spring 08 :yes:


Mar 17, 2007
Looking at some of the sneak pictures, I'm curious about the vert thyme in a day bag. And if possible the Sahara.


Nov 10, 2005
just curious, did everyone stick to their original plan and get their most wanted 08 color? (if it's already come out of course)
I passed on my petal pink/bubblegum first from balny. I am thinking of an accessory instead in the color. I think for me 08 will mostly be accessories...except for perhaps turquoise...we'll see when the color actually comes out. I'm too scared to wear larger bbags (or bags w/handles as a first is not a large bag) in lighter colors due to stains, which most of the pretty pink or pastel-ish ones this season are....

Electric Blue will most likely be hot and smokin...but even for that one I may choose an accessory....I'm also very curious about the coral red as I've been waiting for a red that is more like coral w/orangey undertones. Last year I bought a Vermillion which I thought would be red w/orangey hue but it was a bright bright red w/o orange, so I sold it.


Sep 9, 2006
I'm with erica1451 and mintpearl, I'm sticking to accessories in this spring.
I like the pinks and the EB, but I too like dark colors and neutrals, and am afraid of staining/dirtying those light and bright colors, so I'm sticking to accessories:yes:

I seriously contemplated on getting the EB Work as I've always regretted not getting the 04 DT, but with the FB's recent fading issues and the leather being all agneau(who knows, it might have been this way all along!), I'm just not sure about getting it in a whole bag.