Just pick ONE 08; which is it?

  1. I know a lot of us are up to our necks with our wishlists for S/S 08, but if you could only get ONE 08 spring/summer bbag, which one would it be?

    Share color, style, hardware please! (lamskin or chevre if u want to specify!) And only one....
    I know it's hard to resist mentioning all the other colors and styles we would love to get if we could,
    but that's the challenge--to pick just one....:sweatdrop: (if u change ur mind, u can always post again later)

    I'll go first!

    Bubblegum first in RH :love: lambskin or chevre, just give me the thickest, chewy-est one please!

    at least for now, that's my first choice! :angel:
  2. Bubblegum work in RH!
  3. Bubblegum Slim with SGH
  4. OMG! Fayden-ur choice makes my heart pound...I might just have to do a larger BBGM if I get to do a second.... ok, i'm breaking my own rules! :shame:
  5. electric blue city with rh! i just called balny this morning to get myself on the waiting list. i can't wait! does anyone know when the new colors are due to arrive?
  6. BG City rh and Turquoise Twiggy. IF the new Slim comes in rh, then maybe BG in that style. CHEVRE
  7. tadpoleI think precollection colors are due to begin trickling in next month, am I correct?
  8. i'll have a better idea after i see the swatches. i'm gonna try to make a visit this weekend to check them out...
  9. Yellow First RH
  10. Fayden, I almost got to go last week, then my DH's reason for visiting the city got cancelled! :crybaby: Kim was going to show me swatches! Hope to get to go in soon and see for myself. Kim did say the turquoise reminded her exactly of turquoise jewelry. I asked if they were like the turquoise in native american jewelry, and she said yes to that. Don't forget to post in detail about ur take on the swatch colors when u return. (pretty please?)
  11. turquoise work RH ! :love:
  12. definitely! i'll take notes and will report back here. ;)

    i'm definitely going to check out the turquoise swatches extra closely and will bring my turq 05 with me to compare with the swatch colors. if it's close, i might change my mind and get a turq in a work size instead of BG... i'm trying really hard to limit myself to one new bag per season...
  13. I'm with Nataliam!! Turk Work with RH....:happydance:
  14. Turquoise Twiggy!
  15. Turquoise Part- Time with GGH:love: