Just phoned the outlets......

  1. Well my kids are at the grandparents and I'm meant to be studying but I took a study break to phone round the outlets on my redmabelquest(TM). There were no red mabels to be had and the woman at bicester actually laughed at me when I asked if there were any. :shrugs: I guess it was a stupid question lol.

    the search continues............
  2. ^^^ Yep I got the same when I rang them up(maybe it was the same lady?)

    don`t know why she laughed though I did actually say to her"have I said something funny?"

    They have had them in before, just got to ring at the right time
  3. Yes at shepton mallet the (more helpful) lady said they'd sold out, so that made me think they must have had some in at some point. I'm not getting one though unless its at least 40% off. I bet it was the same woman who laughed, its probably the standard mabel reply! You already have a midnight mabel don't you?
  4. ^^^^ Actually it was shepton Mallet that I rang, well I rang all 3 make that 4 outlets!!!

    Gotta be quick to get one!!!

    I think its kinda silly that you can`t reserve a bag if you really want one and were willing to pay beforehand for it.

    Yes I have the Midnight Mabel got it from shepton Mallet for £416.
  5. Yes I rang all four............I got sidetracked at cheshire oaks with a snakeskin brooke though. Are you quote pleased with your other mabel then? You must be if you're getting another one!
  6. Its still my favourite bag,although my mum says it looks like something out of topshop:wtf: and thinks that i`m crazy to pay so much money for such a "boring" bag!!

    Each to their own I guess....
  7. I've really warmed to the mabel, I think its quite an understated bag but fantastic quality. The midnight colour is beautiful. And what's wrong with topshop, its my favourite shop!:p
  8. Orkney - what a rude SA! Shepton has had red Mabels so they definitely do get them. I saw one when I was there in the autumn. The SA was trying to persuade me to buy one and was modelling it. They also had a midnight one.
    The last time I was there before Christmas they had the red but in the small size. You've just got to keep calling. I know Shepton gets deliveries about 3 times a week.
  9. Tara - My mother makes 'useful' comments like that too about my bags. She's a really stylish woman so on one of her visits I treated her to a trip to Shepton thinking she'd love it. She took one look at the prices of the bags & said she'd wait for me in the car!
    This is a woman who'll happily spend £200 - £300 on a skirt!!!!
  10. Wow I didn't even spend that on clothes full stop last year. In fact the last clothes I bought (other than gym kit) was a t shirt from Sainsbury's for £3.50 and jeans from next for £25.00. Being in uniform helps as usually I'm only in civvies at the weekend and if I'm not leaving the apartment I'm in yoga pants and a t-shirt.
  11. Sara Jane...your mother just said it all and yet said so little......I'll wait for you in the car. Brilliant:rolleyes:
  12. She turns her nose up at the amount I spend on bags yet bought 3 outfits for my wedding! She changed more times than I did!!
  13. Interesting to read about Mothers....
    Everyone really does have their own priorities for shopping. I like to buy nice, simple clothes...but have terrific accessories.
    I love reading about your outlet calls. Now you have me interested in a red mabel! When I have my chance at a Mulberry outlet my attitude has to be that it will be hit or miss -- especially since I'll be there only one day. I'm sure they'll have at least one thing I might want...right?
  14. TG - definitely. Don't worry, I always find something on my visits. I'll be your lucky charm!
    Most times I visit there's a Roxy, an Annie, Phoebe, Hanover, Joni, Ayler, Araline - don't think we're going to come back emptyhanded!
  15. ^^^^ Are Annies back in the outlets then-how much for???