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  1. does everyone want peace?
    do you truly LOVE your neighbor?

    yes? what does that really mean to you?
  2. Yes, Peace would be nice.
    I truly TRY to love my neighbor...But, unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way.
  3. my neighbors are cool.
  4. My grandma is my neighbor, so yes...I love her :heart:
  5. I think peace would be great, but you have to wonder how strange it would be! We don't have any neighbors yet...I hope that I love them though when we get some.
  6. Ha! I :heart: my neighbors because they are Japanese and make the best neighbors ever! They are quiet and professional!
    Peace? I would guess that not many people want it. That's why there is so much drama!
  7. Aren't Japanese the most wonderful neighbours? My neighbours (who were Japanese) had a baby and they were so worried about their baby crying that they would bring me boxes of chocolate and apologize profusely...I rarely heard the baby cry, but each time her parents thought she cried too loudly they'd come over and apologize.

    Peace...don't start me off on that subject. Lets just say actions speak louder than words.
  8. I think that most people in the world do want peace. However, since most people in the world have very little influence over business decisions made by very large companies, and peace is essentially the opposite of money, I can't say that I see it as a realistic prospect.

    That, however, is quite different from loving one's neighbor, which is an individual question, and each one of us, no matter how poor, powerless, voiceless we may be, has the option of choosing every day to try to truly love our neighbors, both literal and figurative.

    We can all try to make choices that do not harm others in any way, inasmuch as we can.

    Someone has a thread on here about politeness, and I don't think that's the worst place to start, for those who have not really thought much about it. All things manners and etiquette are really just about trying to make other people feel good, and I think if you start with that, just seeing how many people you can make feel good - and how you do that will be as unique as you are, whether you can make them laugh - which, by the way, is considered a Bona Fide Good Deed in several religions, including the popular Abrahamic Triple Threat - or if you can just make them feel glad that they held the door open for you - or that you were there to hold it for them - go read that thread! It is full of great politeness ideas!

    From there it really is just a hop to seeing what else you can do, while you are looking around. Maybe you can't open a school for girls in Africa, or even adopt one child - anywhere - but you could, if you were sneaky enough, figure out how to anonymously pay the electric bill of a single mom or an elderly person you know is struggling.

    There is stuff you do all the time, like shop. Maybe instead of going to a big box, you could try buying some of your groceries in a small store, owned by a family from somewhere interesting that you know nothing about. Besides helping them to have more money to send back home, you might make new friends, even learn about a new place, maybe even a new language, which means you can talk to even more lovable neighbors!
    And the same goes for services. Once you do a bit of legwork and get hooked up, you can put money directly into the hands of the people who do everything from your yard to make your clothes - yes, even your one of a kind original hand-made bag! :yahoo:

    You could go through your closet and pack up a blessing bag to give to Dress for Success or the org in your community that helps ladies who are liberating themselves from abusive situations. Call them. They might also be interested in that service for 8 with the awful orange roosters that poor old blind Aunt Mina gave you for your anniversary!

    If you are lucky enough to have a bit more money you don't need for the basics, you could call the local school and find out the name of a child whose parents can't afford to buy him/her a computer, and have yourself more fun than you ever imagined thinking up cool and mysterious ways to cause a computer to become present in front of that child's face!

    Maybe you have no money, but you have some extra time on the weekends that you could spend helping out at the local food bank, or similar org - or the school again, and find out who needs a tutor but can't afford one, or just find a park where a lot of old people hang out and go sit down and listen to one of them for a while.

    Whatever you've got, whether it's money, clothes, or just yourself, somebody needs it, and filling some small part of some neighbor's need is, I think, a good way to work on loving your neighbor!
  9. ^^ Wonderful ideas, Shimma
  10. i hate my neighbors. we only live in this hell hole of a dump because it's the only place my parents could afford back in 1986. messy, noisy, loud, rowdy neighbors, that don't do anything all day long but play their mariachi music and i'm sorry if your family does this, but for the love of god, why does everyone ELSE have to listen to it too?? it's not like i'm turning the volume up super loud on the sound system WHILE WATCHING GAY PORN so everyone can hear! It's not a pleasant thing to listen to (at that loud of a volume.. at and random points of your day!) and I wouldn't do it because I have respect for them despite the fact that i hate them. how hard is it to just turn it to a level that you can hear, without having to SHOUT at each other.

    i also hate the fact that the neighborhood kids and their older siblings think it's their "right" to tag and "own" everything they tag (graffiti here people). they've all tagged our house, mailboxes, streets (yes the street. the black asphalt of a street), sidewalks, etc. do these kids/gangs think they OWN everything? if so! Please! Please PAY THE DAMN BILLS that come with owning stuff! NOTHING IS FREE.

    i'm sorry but i hate my neighbors with a passion and if i could, i would move myself and my parents away from here to a nice, white, neighborhood.. where the only noise would be from a house party or football game every once in a while.. NOT EVERY FRICKING DAY. Not to mention! There are at least 100 children in this neighborhood, because all the women are pregnant nearly every waking hour.. they have no jobs and they're spitting out kids like a broken fire hydrant! This then equates to birthday parties and loud mariachi music.. MORE of it. For the love of god make it stop! Vietnamese communities can get loud, but we know when there's a place and a time, and EVERY WAKING HOUR is NEITHER THE PLACE NOR THE TIME!! We're loud/things are loud during: New Years -- Lunar New Year, not Latin New Year.. and during the Moon Festival. That's probably it.. a few random holidays here and there, maybe a birthday or two but we're not obnoxious. THESE PEOPLE ARE OBNOXIOUS. :mad:

    sorry for the vent, but i HATE HATE HATE my neighbors. if it were up to me, i would like Dubya to BOMB our street, so i could stop listening to it. God forbid there be any more illegal immigrants crossing over the border to make more noise in this stupid neighborhood. ughhhh.

    and peace? I would LOVE SOME PEACE AND QUIET. peace between the bickering and yelling and fights and all that? sure some peace is nice, but not too much. too much of a good thing is never THAT good. peace & quiet is obviously too much to ask for, so asking for "world" peace is near impossible. i do think.. however.. that people are capable of being kind towards one another, at any random and given point of the day. however, all it takes is one scrooge/***** (usually me) to ruin it for everyone else.
  11. ^^If things are so bad for you, even renting temporarily in another neighbourhood might help.
  12. Just read ShimmaPuff's post and then frozen's and the contrast had me in stitches!!:lol::lol::lol: (sorry..) And frozen, it's hard to love your neighbour when they give you nothing but grief and you know the only choice is to put up with it or leave, 'cause they sure ain't gonna take any notice if you complain...hope you get out of there one day and find your peace..
  13. Peace would be awesome..
    My neighbors are kinda annoying, but i love their kids!
  14. Anyone else kinda grossed out?:sick:

    What do you think is so different about a 'white' neighborhood?

    I live in a predominantly white community and it's not all that quiet! LOL! White kids like to race down our street as much as any other color child and the 'white' people that live 2 doors down need desperately to weed their flower beds.
    My favorite neighbor on my street, an adorable professional black man and wife are the sweetest and quietest, often watching the kids get off the bus and walking some of them home - LOVE this family of 2!
    The 2 'white' neighbors that live on eother side of me frequently let their dogs bark their heads off during the day which is my DH's biggest pet peeve.

    Doesn't seem like you're ready for peace yet:lol:
    Peace is a great idea, just so unlikely obviously:cry:
    People are just too intolerant these days I'm afraid.
  15. I do understand frozen's point. Someone moved in downstairs from me, and she had these two twentysomething sons. The sons would park their 'wheels' right below my window and fix up their car while playing mariachi music that made my windows rattle. Their friends would come over, stand around the front yard with beers and ogle any female who entered the apartment building and make sexist remarks in Spanish. It made me very uncomfortable to enter or leave my apartment alone. And most of the friends didn't even bother to put shirts on in the summer and some were horribly overweight...eww...

    Repeated complaining to the management of the apartment complex succeeded in getting them evicted...but I realize your situation is way worse.

    Swanky: These kinds of situations are rather worse that dogs barking or unweeded flower beds. Asking for 'white' may seem unbecoming, but most of it depends on the income of the neighbourhood one lives in. Obviously frozen does not live in a high income part of her county, whereas you probably live in a well-off neighbourhood. frozen would probably be much happier to have the problems that your neighbourhood has!
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