Just part of the addiction...??


FitMama Runs (and Shops!)
Aug 7, 2007
A beautiful 'burb of Minneapolis
Ok, so I bought my very first LV 2 days ago (a Damier Speedy 25) and I love love love it! To finance it, I sold a KOOBA and Botkier that I didn't carry often anymore. Now, I am thinking of weeding out my other bags to purchase another LV (Azur Speedy)...is that sad? To me, it seems as though LV is more of a classic item to keep forever, while my other brand bags are nice at first, but I get tired/bored of them after a bit. Is this true with other LV owners? :s


Reach for the sun
Sep 25, 2006
Pacific NW
I think you'll find that your handbag collection is dynamic. If I haven't used something in 9 months or so - I give it 3 months "on the plank" and then it goes to finance new purchases.