Just part of the addiction...??

  1. Ok, so I bought my very first LV 2 days ago (a Damier Speedy 25) and I love love love it! To finance it, I sold a KOOBA and Botkier that I didn't carry often anymore. Now, I am thinking of weeding out my other bags to purchase another LV (Azur Speedy)...is that sad? To me, it seems as though LV is more of a classic item to keep forever, while my other brand bags are nice at first, but I get tired/bored of them after a bit. Is this true with other LV owners? :s
  2. I think you'll find that your handbag collection is dynamic. If I haven't used something in 9 months or so - I give it 3 months "on the plank" and then it goes to finance new purchases.
  3. Congrats!!!!!

    I hate to say it but I think this is totally normal. The same thing happened to me. Once you get bitten by the LV bug it is all over.
  4. Lol... not sad at all! If you don't use your bags anymore, there's no use of having them around and keeping them in their dustbags/boxes all of the time!
  5. LOL, yeah, I keep thinking about going to the LV store and snapping up that Azur 30 now....bye bye KOOBA! :shame: