Just out of curiosity...

  1. I know that the seafoam is rare and as I have never seen it in the first/classique size appart from seeing it on one of the Olsens (argh so lucky!). Does any one have it? Can they post photos if they do please?? Just curious :shame: TIA!
  2. Ooooh, I'd like to see pics too :love:
  3. fashion_junky has the seafoam twiggy and varsha has the seafoam city;) lucky girls!!!!!
  4. pics please! i think the colors are also in the thread that documents bbag colors:smile:
  5. Thanx! I'm actually hoping to see it in the first size as I've never ever seen one in that size before.
  6. Oh me neither...were you the one who bought the seafoam purse from a PF member?
  7. Initially yes but I had to back out due to some money problems :sad: So waiting till I have enough money again and hoping to find another seafoam. :amuse:
  8. oh too bad...good luck on your search!
  9. Thanx!!