Just out of curiosity.....

  1. do any of you have your own style of purses & clothing or do you follow celebrity styles?

    I find myself following celebrity styles most of the time. Not always, but mostly :shame:
  2. I don't follow celebrity styles. I like to see what's going on but I don't style myself the same way.
  3. I tend to buy what I like and what suits me more than whats in the celebrity world at the moment. If it ends up being there then fine if not the fine too.
  4. Too much time is spent by too many people trying to emulate "celebrity" styles instead of finding out their own personal style.

    That being said, obviously I'm no celeb watcher....
  5. i love certain celebs style. my fave are kate moss.
    although i like the way she dresses, but i'm not going to buy what she wear because it's just not me. but i'm inspired by the way she always look chic with not too much effort. she seems to thrown things together and made it "her". that's what i did too.
    i don't copy her style, i wear what i like, and buy what suits me.
    although magazines really inspired me, but i guess we have to not follow, but grab the essence.
  6. Doesn't make a bit of difference to me-they're just people like you and me-no better no worse...I buy what I like even if others don't!:yes:
  7. i admire selma blair's style but i dont really follow trends. im more comfortable being preppy than following the ever evolving "celebrity style." and besides it can get really expensive :cutesy:
  8. I just like what I like regardless of what a celebrity has.
  9. I like to look at what they are wearing, but I go by what looks best on me and what I like. I get ideas from anyone and anywhere, or just by what strikes me while shopping. Sometimes celeb styles are a little out there, and I couldn't possibly afford to keep up!
  10. I don't follow the celebrity styles and I just buy what I like.
  11. ^^ Me, too. I wear what I like and what looks good on me.
  12. I buy what I like, although occasionally I will see a bag on a celebrity first and then buy.
  13. I buy what fits with my style, I don't buy according to what is in this season. However, Celebrities have introduced me to designers I wasn't familiar with.
  14. I like to look at what celebrities are wearing to get new ideas. I don't copy their looks entirely, but sometimes I'll copy pieces of what they're wearing. Celebrities (some at least) are a great source of inspiration.
  15. I am a sucker for anything that the celebs are wearing, particularly Victoria Beckham :yahoo:so shallow I know but who cares :yahoo: I love it :smile: