just out of curiosity, how many of you actually bougt classic flaps after price incr?

  1. i am dying for a jumbo right now, but the thought that two months ago, i could've bought it for 600 dollars less is deterring me from actually going for it. how about you? will u stop buying classic flaps because of the price increase?
  2. No. I love Chanel's classic flaps, and the prices hadn't increased for quite some time (I believe, could be wrong). Everything goes up eventually.
  3. I bought one after the increase and have kicked myself a couple of times for waiting.
  4. It stops me for awhile, but I eventually suck it up and buy the bag I want. This isn't just limited to Chanel. I speak of all brands when I say that. I figure there isn't anything I can do to change it or turn back time.

    I WILL be buying another flap before the Sept or Oct price increase, but Im sure if I missed it, I'd talk myself in to it eventually.
  5. which one did u buy?
  6. There's another increase?? :wtf:
    oh my. time to hoard the flaps!
  7. It KILLS me because I bought one and then exchanged it for the Cambon tote, and now I want it again! But it's going to cost me lots more. I didn't realize the price increase was that much! Now I'm really mad at myself.
  8. I bought mine right before the increase.......but I know eventually I'll get another one.
  9. really? and u paid the post-increase price? you must really love it...i just love the classic flaps, they are so gorgeous
  10. I recently bought a classic E/W for US$1443. However if I bought it 4 months ago, I could've paid US$1102 for exactly the same bag.
  11. I will eventually...because I want one so badly but can't decide which one...by the time I get around to picking on it will problably have been so long since prices went up that it won't even matter...hehe
  12. I bought a brown caviar classic flap right before the increase. Then unexpectedly, in March, I found my dream pink classic flap (from '05!) sitting in NM... of course, they marked it up to $1995, but I had to get it :smile: So yes, paying $400 or so more for the same sized bag a month or so apart was painful, but the pink flap was special enough to justify it for me, and unless Chanel comes out with the '05 red color flap, I have enough classic flaps (famous last words haha) :smile:

  13. I bought it after the price incraese and paid 250€ more than I would have 3 weeks before but 1. I didn't know about the price increase and when and if would take place in germany, too and I just had the funds to buy one Chanel and so I decided for a reissue when I finally found one which was very hard to find anyway and I had to buy in in the US.
    The good thing is that I only wanted those 2 Chanel bags for a long time and there isn't any other Chanel I want so that was it for me for a long time.
  14. Well, I did buy a jumbo classic about 3 days ago. So, I won't stop just because the price increased by a bit. It's not a big deal.

    I think total, I must have about 4 classic bags in different sizes (2 jumbos, 2 mediums) in different colors. I just love the classics!
  15. Nope...I just got my jumbo flap abt 1 month ago...