just ordered

  1. black east west flap bag in caviar leather, with silver hardware.

    should I have gotten gold?

    ahhhh.... doubting my decision.

    what was the original hardware?
  2. i like silver hardware over gold.
  3. Silver rules!!
  4. I would only go with SIlver..depends on your skin tone too..I look like Im dying around gold..LOL...so i prefer silver!
  5. black caviar looks so great with silver!
  6. definitely silver!
  7. silver!
  8. ok dont kill me, but i like the gold :biggrin:
  9. argh. i had this same problem when i was trying to pick a bag- silver or gold? silver or gold? i think silver looks best on an east west especially but i only wear gold jewlery now.... i say silver (but ended up just getting a gold bag myself). it's a tough choice.
  10. I just bought this bag a few weeks ago...........I prefer the silver!!!

  11. i totally sympathize, i went through the same thing when i was buying my med. classic flap, but i ended up deciding on gold, cuz i wear more gold accessories when i wear all blk...but i still plan on getting a silver one later on. i think both are absolute essentials to any chanel collection, so you can't go wrong w/ either
  12. I prefer Silver, congrats!
  13. I love the silver. I think you made a great choice. Congrats!
  14. I love them both, but am partial to silver.
  15. i think both are great, but for black bags, i'm partial to silver.