Just ordered

  1. The mini azure pochette with the gold chain! Am soooo excited, can't wait to use it with my perle cles for my new house.

    Thank you everyone yesterday for helping me with my decision.:heart: Talked to bf and we both agreed that I have worked so hard, that I totally deserved it, eventhough we both need stuff for the house.

    I don't want to hide things and purchases in this relationship. I need to be kept in line too! haha, hopefully, the ban thread will continue to help with needless indulgences....:graucho:

    Finally some azure, whew! I got 1 of the 2 left on elux, and they're not on the website, so no ****** through them now, they're almost out!:shrugs:
  2. yay congrats!! Im sure you do deserve it, and you made a very wise decision to share all purchases with your bf! I love what you have chosen, and cant wait to see pictures when it comes!
  3. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats, love both things you got.
  5. Congrats...can't wait to see pics when you get it! Now back to that ban girl LOL
  6. congrats!!
  7. congrats...you are too cute veronika!!!!!
  8. congrats! Love teh azur line!
  9. Congrats!!!

    I can't wait to see pics!!
  10. Veronika....:yahoo: Can't wait till you get your Azur to match your Vernis Perles...To open the door to your New New Home...:party:
  11. Will definately post pics of that TANKS Pinki!!!!!!
  12. I'm on the phone right now ordering the last one!!!!
    I was waiting for them to get them in. Thanx!
  13. congrats!
  14. Good for you! It looks adorable; enjoy it!:yahoo:
  15. LRod, you go! whew. we made it....:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: