Just ordered

  1. :yahoo:

    I got it with the natural trim. It came in either natural,brown, red or mustard leather trim. Red would be awesome also !
    Dooney b.jpg
  2. I like all of the Dooney bags that are trimmed in red, for some reason. I don't own one yet, but I plan to get one in the not too distant future!
  3. I love denim bags! I saw a denim sac on sale last week and nearly bought it! It had dark brown trim and was gorgeous.
  4. I saw this bag and it's a gorgeous bag
  5. That bag is really nice! Congrats!
  6. Congrats!
  7. I looove it! Denim is great for the summer. Post pics when you get her.
  8. ohhh, that's a bag that's pretty classic looking. purrty! neutral trim. ahhhhh, that would go with anything (which i'm pretty sure that's what you were trying to go with). yay, can't wait till it comes huh? have fun with that bag and show it off!
  9. Great bag, I posted in another subforum that I have the dooney denim pocket satchel. Enjoy!