Just ordered TWO Stams on sale!!

  1. You got those for a steal... two for the price of one. Congratulations!
  2. Wow!! Great for you!!!! I always miss these things!!! Congrats..Post modeling pics when you get them!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  3. OMG, I am pinching myself!! This must be the most amazing case of beginner's luck. First the blush Elise, and now this. I just hope this isn't a sign that something bad is about to happen. Think positive! Think positive!:nuts:
  4. You found a blush Elise on sale??!?!?! Can you please rub some of that amazing dust on me because I so want to be you right now. Where on earth did you see such an amazing find?
  5. Jeez Louise, you lucked out! :wtf: Congrats on the TWO gorgeous bags! :love:
  6. Okay I researched and you got the Elise on sale too from BG :wtf:
    I need to camp out at the BG Sale Website fo-eva it seems. :wtf:
  7. I'm lovin' BG.com right now. I only wish they had not discontinued the BGJAN code for free shipping. At least I don't pay sales tax. Can't have everything!
  8. Please don't shoot me, but it only gets better. I found the new BG.com free shipping code, SHOPNOW, under the Deals & Steals section. I said, what the hay, let me ask BG.com if they will apply it retroactively to my two Stams. The worst they could say is no, but they said YES!!
  9. Wow, that is incredible! What a deal. Can't wait to see pics of your new beauties!!!
  10. wow! congrats!!!!! i envy you, i've been wanting chestnut hobo and now u got it for half price! with the stam too!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!! enjoy the bags and don't forget to sprinkle some of your pixie-luck dust for us girls!
  11. Thanks! You all are so sweet! I will be sure to post pics and make an offering to the handbag goddess that you all find the bags you crave at great prices!
  12. I've been watching BG sale daily to find that bag(stam hobo):crybaby:I guess it's just not ment for me to have. You are very lucky, Enjoy & congrats:yes: