Just ordered two pairs of shoes on Saks.com

  1. So what am I doing at 2:30 a.m. on Christmas day? Ordering shoes! I just got an e-mail about a 70% off sale, so of course I had to look, and I found two shoes I liked that actually had my size available. And I really need some flats and never can find any I like. I was actually thinking of buying the Chloes full price when I first saw them but never did.

    I got these Chloes for $183.45:


    And these Tod's for 165.95. Was tempted to order black and brown, but I'm not sure if I'll like them or not. Never bought any of their shoes before.

  2. Love them both - those 2 were my favorites from Saks online! Love the pony tods and the Chloe is such a classic! :yes:
  3. Great deals, is it just me or are those prices really low?
  4. Kamilla, Saks is having a designer sale right now. Up to 70% off. :yes:
  5. Zophie....I was right along side of you doing the same exact thing.
    I nabbed a pair of Dior leopard peep-toe pumps for $245
    I love these sales!
  6. I had my eye on some Diors too. I was really tempted to buy more since the prices were so low. The Chloes I think were regular price at $450 or so.
  7. What in the world are you ladies doing up at that hour? Darn, I feel old!

    Scored a bunch of shoes from the sales. :yahoo:
  8. I checked out the sale online and none of the shoes really caught my eye.

    Darn. :sad: