Just ordered two more HH bags!!

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  1. I'm in trouble:wtf: I just got my first HH--a Lorca in saddle--yesterday. Today, I ordered the Mercer Satchel in luggage and another Lorca in black. I've lost my mind:nuts: I need help!! I've rationalized it by saying to myself, I need a larger bag for work and I really need a new black bag--who doesn't? The saddle Lorca will make a great weekend bag. Any enablers out there?
  2. Can't blame you!
    I love HH bags too!
    I am still contemplating what to get tho - and time is running out for deals!
  3. risingsun, excellent choices! The Mercer in Luggage will be a great work bag, and you're right - a girl can't have too many black bags, especially cute ones like the Lorca. Enjoy!

    How's that for enabling? :graucho:
  4. Of course you need the perfect bag for every possible occasion in your life. You're just being practical.
  5. Can anyone confirm if the FRIENDSANDFAM coupon code expires today? I received my first HH bag last week and everyday I visit their site to scope out what my next purchase should be.

  6. According to this:

    Today is the last day!
  7. risingsun - you are following in the footsteps of the HH ho's who have come before you!!!!

    i was talking to a Luna Boston manager who said that the sales associates there are conflicted because with all the awesome brands that they carry in store, they keep going back to use their employee discount on HH! the HH team certainly has an incredible knack for reading my mind style-wise. yesterday i was wearing head to toe HH, except the shoes. if they decide to enter that market i might as well move to brooklyn and start working there :girlsigh:
  8. J, I tell ya. I have NEVER had so many different styles by one designer in my life. I have no idea what I'm going to do when they come out with their fall line. By the way - I just could not deal with myspace, so you are the one to keep us informed of new info from HH!
  9. I love all my new enablers:wlae: I didn't know the friendsnfam ended today...good thing I ordered those bags!! The Mercer is from HH directly and the black Lorca is from Luna, with the grechen discount:tup: Since I'm new to online bag stalking...er...shopping, when do these sales typically occur?
  10. i am also thinking i should take on some extra teaching gigs in anticipation of fall! :nuts:

    myspace is kind of a debacle and i think i age 5 years every time i log on, but i will persevere for you all :yes:
  11. I was rationalizing to myself "it's OK I'm buying all these Hayden Harnett bags, some are darker colors so I'll save them and carry them in the fall" and then I realized that of course there will be more bags in the fall and what are the odds I'll hate them all? About 1%?
  12. Oh we can only HOPE that HH will suddenly do something incredibly stupid and go belly-up. :roflmfao: But probably not. Oh my. (fondling my poppy Mercer)
  13. HH bags are definitely addictive. I've bought the Mercer satchel in 3 different colors!

    Risingsun, love your Cavalier! I have two; they're my little hooligans!
  14. OMG those bags are GORGEOUS :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I want one or two or three or five :nuts:

  15. You're in trouble? So am I!!:nogood:

    I've always wanted a B- city bag, but I talked myself into waiting until NM in SF gets them in. So for a while, I'm satisfied.

    Then, I read about how beautiful the Gerald Darel bags are, and then the HH, and Anna Corinna.
    I couldn't decide, so...I ordered all three!!!

    GD arrived a few days ago. I love it, but haven't started using it.

    Anna Corinna is on its way, as well as the HH triple strap bag.

    oh boy...