just ordered this...what do you think?

  1. I am so hoping I like this. Will be here tomorrow. What do you think? ANyone have it?
  2. Love patent leather! Very nice!
  3. Thanks! It's called the patent utility satchel. I am hoping it's the right size. Everything I get lately seems too big. I just want a nice basic, casual black bag for everyday.
  4. It's cute - can't tell how big it is from pix - but looks like would be a great everyday bag:smile: Hope it ends up working for you!
  5. Really cute, I tink I want one!! But can't right now!!:cutesy:
  6. I will post pics of it tomorrow when I get it. I ordered it off Zappos.
  7. The patent is HOT!
  8. hmmm, it's ok, patent is cool but this patent kinda doesn't help the design, or maybe it's the design itself.....if you like it, i'm happy for you.....that's what counts
  9. That line is really pretty IRL, I think you will love it. It flew off the shelves at my Nordstorm.
  10. Awesome to hear! I will check back tomorrow and let you guys know what I think.
  11. I saw this at my bloomingdales and I think the size is great. I agree with you that everything seems to be super-sized right now, but I really like this satchel and it's size seems to be perfect. I think you will really like it, and it will suit the purpose of a great everyday bag.
    Good luck!
    Let us know what you think when you get it.

  12. Awww thanks. Yes I know - every bag out there is HUGE! I am 5'2 and only carry the essentials and after carrying diaper bags for years I am always on the hunt for a normal size bag! Will post pics of it when I get it tmrw.
  13. Looks awesome. Patent trend is still HOT this season :smile:
  14. I think it's awesome. congrats!
  15. Love it congrats. Patent is it this fall!!