Just Ordered This Lauren Merkin...

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  1. I was wondering if anyone owns or knows anything about Lauren Merkin handbags. I just ordered this one and it should be arriving this week. The leather looks so appealing to me but I've never seen her bags IRL. Your input will be appreciated. Here it is:

  2. Wow! I had no idea they did anything like that. I'd have to see it IRL, but I like the pictures of it a lot. I saw some of their clutches in NM a week ago and really wanted to get one. They appeared well-made and of good quality leather.

    Let us know what you think when you get it.I hope you love it.
  3. I'm not familiar with this style but I have had 2 Plum bags, in grass green & marine blue. The leather is TDF!
  4. I am so excited that you've heard of her bags, have some and like them. Here is another link from AE (even tho I purchased it from JC Madison) where I first saw it and wanted it....the pics are much better! Thanks for your input!! I'll take pics when it comes....
  5. I love her bags. I have a few evening bags and had a large plum but sold it. They leather is very soft.
  6. Love her bags. they are great!!
  7. i have a purple croc embossed leather EVE clutch from her. i also bought my sister the tote/satchel (don't remember the exact name). the leather is very very soft. she usually has sales in NYC i believe on 20 something street manhattan.
  8. that's a cute looking bag!
  9. i have that...i just posted a review of it last week - here are some pics



    i love it - definitely much smaller than anything i usually carry, but that's what i wanted. mine is the black distressed leather, it almost looks like suede, but it's not. i love the color, and how i can easily change the shoulder length to carry it different ways. i also carry it as a clutch very often.

    i hope you love yours!
  10. Oh thank you for posting! I couldn't figure out how the strap went from shoulder to messenger because there is no hardware on strap but I can now see how it works from your pic. It looks great on you and isn't the color of the leather delicious?!? It looks wonderful on pictures and I can't wait to get it. I'm going to read your review right now....
  11. I forgot to ask you..is it lightweight or heavy? It looks very lightweight and I am hoping it is. I see yours is in black which I didn't notice before so I will post pics when my brown one arrives. TIA for the weight info..
  12. I love Lauren Merkin bags. I have her Bianca bag and Large Plum. The leather is amazing and both my bags have held up well in all types of weather. They're also really comfortable to carry because the leather's so soft. I had a Dylan also and I loved how it adjusted. I ended up selling it on eBay because it was just a tad too small for my needs. It's a cute bag though and I love the pretty lining on her bags.
  13. Thanks for the info. Do you remember if the bag felt heavy or light? I am hoping it won't be too small for me. If I can fit the small Chameleon inside of it,and it is lightweight, it will be perfect (I hope)...
  14. I have a large plum. The leather is beautiful and it is really light. Also, it is the essence of understated chic.