Just Ordered This DVF Dress..Question..

  1. I just ordered this dress from Saks and I have never had a DVF dress before..so I am totally unsure of the size, but I am right in between the 2 and the 4 so I ordered the 2. Do you think that was the right choice? I really want it and hope the 2 was the right choice. Thanks

  2. I guess it depends on the material of the dress & if it is loose fitting or not. The style of the dress appears to be flowy so I think a size 2 should be fine
  3. DVF can sometimes run small, but this dress does look roomy so I agree that a 2 should be fine.
  4. If you are not curvy on your lower half of your body, I say you are fine. I hope you love it!
  5. I think a 2 will fit you just fine. I tend to go down a size for DVF dresses and skirts.
  6. I tend to go down a size in DVF (I'm usually between a 2 and a 4 as well).. it should be perfect, especially given the cut.