Just Ordered This Bag..Anyone Seen IRL??

  1. [​IMG]
    This will be my first MBMJ bag..I ordered it through NM and it has a ship date of Feb..has anyone seen it in real life? Thanks any feedback would be great!!!
  2. I havent come accross this in real life but the color is FANTASTIC. Think of how good that is going to look with white....especially this summer.:drool: Congratulations!!
  3. i've seen it but in a different color...it's a big bag!!
  4. I've seen it in real life in a different color as well. I think it's a hot bag, but like jun said, it is BIG. the girl I saw wearing it had to be 4'11 and it looked a little silly on her.
  5. i think big bags look good on anyone.....it's not necessarily the size but the style and function...i like this bag and the color is really nice.
  6. i've seen this. bag is too big for my taste...and i love big bags (i am 5'5). honestly, don't love the color. yes, it is fun and different, but i wouldn't get much use out of it. i rather have a vibrant blue or yellow.
  7. I just saw this style and 2 or 3 other styles in this color today at Nordstrom and I absolutely love the color. It's so gorgeous IRL. I hope you love it!!
  8. I haven't seen the bag IRL, but I have seen the color, and it's DIVINE!
  9. sorry to hijack the post, but is the color more of a red or orange ?
  10. ^more orange, like a deep coral.