Just ordered this...anyone have it?

  1. I just ordered this tonight. Anyone have it? Is it big? Is it small enough to toss into my handbag? Thanks in advance guys. :smile:
  2. Depending on the size of your bag, it'll totally fit! Anything bigger than the small ergo hobo, it should fit in.
  3. I don't think that cosmetic bag is large. It should fit in your hanbag if you carry a medium bag or larger. It would fit in the Legacy shoulder bag, Ali, Carly, any of the Ergos, any hobo as well.
  4. Thanks sprinkles! I love the colors and need a change from my boring black nylon bag I use now.
  5. By the way congrats on your new purchase!
  6. Thank you! :smile:
  7. super cute!! good buy!
  8. I love the colors!
  9. I love this makeup bag good choice!
  10. i have it and i LOVE it!!! it's small, but roomy enough to fit lots of stuff.
  11. I love that one - it's so bright and cute!

    I have the sig stripe medium beauty case, which I think is the same size as the one you ordered. It holds quite a lot, but it's not too big. I carry it in all my bags (well, except my swingpack) and it doesn't take up too much room at all. I keep all my random junk in it (bandaids, lipstick, nailfile, etc.).

    Here are pictures of what it holds:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Thanks for the pictures! You guys all rock.
  13. depends on the bag...here's it with my carly. i bought it for my whiskey ali, so it will definitely fit in that as well.

    ETA: woops, i think mine is the larger one...well now you know it'll fit, since mine is bigger!

  14. Beautiful! I need one of those!! I like the gold sig stripe too! Now that I have an idea of how much they will hold maybe it is time to buy one. :graucho:
  15. hey there miss boston! ;p

    i was just looking at those in store. the size is that of a large pencil case, if that makes sense. it will depend on how big your bag is. if you are carrying a pochette, no, it will not fit. if you carry anything larger, yes, it will fit. great for organization it seems!