Just ordered this 2 Dior, What do you think?

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  1. I L~O~V~E this bag! I wish that Dior advertised this bag and made it a permanent line. It's so classy, stylish, and convenient. The combination of patent leather with lambskin is truly divine.

    Please post pictures once you receive it!
  2. heres a picture from the outlet finds thread. it was available at the dior outlet in 2011 for $1,250:


    i think it is a beautiful bag and the drawstring pockets add a nice charming touch.
  3. You got it! I was trying to put it to my bag from Yoox wishlist and couldn't, then it was sold out. World is small. LOL
    I think it's very pretty and has timeless classic look.

  4. Nice. Congratulations.
  5. Such a pretty bag !
  6. I love it! Anything in that cannage leather can't be beat!
  7. great choice! same with joe,don't forget to post pics here! we'd like to see!!!:love:
  8. They look very cute OMG!!! Congratz~
  9. They have dior outlets???? Where??? Do they have some in HK or in US?? By how much percent do the bags go for on sale???
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