Just ordered these, what do ya think?

  1. I just bought these wedges at Zappos, and am so excited!! :biggrin: What do you think?



  2. ALL of them?? WOW! :biggrin: I'm personally in love with the 3rd pair..so summery and a definate hit with white prarie skirts and sundresses.
  3. Beautiful!
  4. LOVE THEM! They look just like something I would wear! I especially love the 3rd pair! Great choices!
  5. OM they all so cute!
  6. WOW...loving them all, i just can't choose!:love: :nuts:
    Hope you like your new wedges!:P
  7. Yeah !!! that's what I'm talking about, I love them all, I too especially like the third pair.

    Great taste.
  8. That third pair is sooooo cute!
  9. Cute shoes!
  10. LOVE THEM!! Zappos rocks...(especially the Couture selections)
  11. All three are really cute!!! Excellent choices!
  12. love the blue ones..perfect for summer
  13. I really like the third pair -- great choice for summer!
  14. very nice!