Just ordered these earrings:

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think??
  2. I can't see the pics.:sad:
  3. can't see em:shrugs:
  4. OK just fixed them!! They are up.
  5. I really like the first pair Selena!
  6. I can see them and I like them both, are the first ones heavy?
  7. I just ordered them from these pictures. They will be to me on Wednesday. I have not found any chanel earrings that were to heavy. Especially this drop style. I have a load of this style. Its like wearing NOTHING. Cant wait to get them.
  8. Selena, did you get the first pair from Neiman Marcus? I'm on the waitlist for those at Neimans and hadn't received the call yet. I guess I need to call and harrass them about it.
  9. cute. I have the chanel logo studs and just love them.
  10. I love them! :heart:
  11. Aw! How cute. :heart: them.

  12. Yes NM my gal in Chicago. I think she has more if you want her number PM me.:yes:
  13. Love them!! Would love to see them on..Congrats!!!
  14. I Love The First One!! :love:
  15. Love the first pair - how much do they retail for?