Just ordered these ANI bags...

  1. Anyone else familiar with ANI bags? I've had several Nadia bags & I have to say they are great. I've had an Olive dust, cherry red, slate blue (currently still have..) & I just ordered these.. I'm so sucked by the leather! And Ani is a real sweetheart~

    This is the slate one I already have..


    The 2 I just ordered...


  2. I :heart: the yellow for the summer
  3. No, I'm not at all familiar with ANI bags...but I certainly do like the first one. So much so that I'm going to check 'em out. Are you happy with the leather and the construction? Thanks for sharing the pics.
  4. Yes, I love the leather & they are very well made:yes: I've had no problems with my past bags~!
  5. I am a big fan of yellow bags, and that blue one is absolutely scrumptious!
  6. Oh, yay! ANI!!!
    I just ordered the Cargo sac in black (for $380 from Luna Boston). So far, it seems really lovely!

    Can I ask where you ordered yours from and how much they were? I heard that they were restructuring as a brand and I'm hoping it'll end up being one like Gryson. Fab-o underground bags for relatively cheap, they restructure and come out w. stunning new designs that are a bit more expensive, making the entire brand image appreciate.


  7. ^ I got mine from Luna Boston too! The yellow & blue are limited additions just for LB so they will go quick.. If anyone else decides to get one, don't forget to use the code "grechen" for 20% at LB too. With the coupon, the Nadia (blue one) was $380 & the Cameron (yellow one) was $360. I really regret selling my red one.

    Good to hear about the revamping of the line.. I've delt with Ani personally & she is so great! I hope she has even more success.

    Yes, it's a very underground following. I know Cameron (hence the bag name) Diaz has several of these bags..
  8. I love the slate color. i have the Nadia in the "attick color" (distressed dark brown) and love it to death!
  9. I have the cargo sak in purple and love it! The leather is amazing. So soft yet durable. I love the yellow one you ordered. Gotta go check them out!
  10. The leather looks divine & that yellow is an attention getter!
  11. I have the purple one. It's great!!
  12. I don't know that brand but the leather looks amazing!
  13. In the summer where everyone agrees colour is the thing, you have made great choices! Not heard of this brand before, but what a good eye you have.
  14. Congrats, they look just lovely!
  15. not familiar with this brand, but I am diggin that yellow :wlae: