Just ordered the small azur neverfull


Dec 27, 2005
I have been lurking the LV site for a few weeks trying to get a bag in stock. Went on a few minutes ago and was surprised to see a few things I liked. I had the neverfull in the MM size but felt it was just a bit too big for me so I gave it to my sister and I wanted the azur instead of monogram print now. So I got the azur one and am so happy. I also looked at the azur totally but felt it was way too big. I am trying to get away from huge bags. So I guess I got a early Christmas present.:nuts:
This will be my first azur piece and I think it will update my wardrobe.
Can't wait to get it. I also ordered from Ebay a Speedy 30 purse organizer and I love it--there are seperators and compartments in it and the size will also fit my new neverfull so at least I will be organized.
It is worth a look on the LV website every now and then. I did see a few azur bags but not the monogram ones I wanted to look at-they still were sold out.


Sep 6, 2009
please post pics ! i was actually thinking bout selling my azur neverfull MM but i dont know anymore


Nov 18, 2010
I was thinking about getting the same bag for my mom for Christmas since it is currently avail on LV.com. Please post some pics to help me decide!!!!!