Just ordered the Sexbomb!

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm really new to all of this but very excited because I just ordered the Sexbomb in Pomegranate!! :yahoo:

    If you have it, do you love it?! Tell me why!! I can't wait until it comes!
  2. Great color!! I am excited for ya! I don't have one, but have tried one on and can certainly see why it is loved!! Can't wait to see pictures when you get it!
  3. oh, and Welcome to Purse Forum and Tano!!:hs:
  4. I don't have the pomegranate sex bomb, although I am tempted to use the last of my ebay cashback on one. I love the sex bomb. For me it is the perfect size and it falls just perfectly on me. Some bigger, longer bags tend to fall too low on me (I'm short).
  5. I don't have a Sex Bomb or anything in Pomegranate but from what the pics I've seen online, it's gonna be hot! I hope you love it! Please post pics when she arrives!!
  6. Oh gosh... you picked a FANTASTIC bag to start your Tano collection! The pomegranate is the most gorgeous red I have ever seen on a bag and the sexbomb is one of the hottest styles EVER! Thus, hot red + hot bag = hot hot hot! :drool:

    I have a tango red sexbomb and I feel that way about her too but the pomegranate is even nicer! Congratulations and welcome to Tano and TPF!! :woohoo:
  7. I just got a pomegranate Boogie (my first Tano too) and I adore the color, it's so rich. And it's one of those reds that seems to go with everything!
  8. Thank you all!! I'm really excited and I will definitely post pics when she arrives!! :smile: I really can't wait! I've been reading up on Tanos and it seems like they are all generally well made and nice looking. Woohoo!!
  9. Me too, ekeinh!! I haven't gotten my SB yet but when she comes, I will post pics. Please do the same and tell us if you love it! I've heard nothing but great things about this bag and this color so I am super excited! Congrats on a great 1st Tano choice!
  10. Congrats! The sexbomb is a great bag! It was my first Tano and is still going strong! I have the beach white color but I do love it in the new pomegranate!
  11. Excellent!!

    Luxemommy - you'll probably get yours before I get mine so I can't wait to hear about how much you love it! :smile:
  12. I do believe this is the road I'm taking for my next Tano, so I will anxiously await your pictures to see the true color. Congrats to you and luxemommy!!
  13. I don't have a red bag yet either so I am waiting to see the style I like best in the pomegranate. I also want a truffle bag but am also undecided on the style for that one. I am anxiously awaiting MHB to post pics of the butane jane and streetwalker since I am partial to the larger bags.:confused1:
  14. I've joined the pomegranate sex bomb club, broke my ban and used my last 25% from ebay. I'm starting to think bans work just as well as trying to diet...
  15. ^^Yeah, both work about the same for me!!