Just ordered the Minibouts in black

  1. They were sold out in my area and online so I did a charge and ship from the Boston Saks. I can't wait til they arrive. :wlae: Does anyone have them? Do you like them? Do you have pics? I am hoping I can get away with wearing them before spring because the toe exposure is so small.


  2. I just love them!! I think you can wear them now due to the peep being so small. You must let me , well us all know if the fit well.
  3. i love, love them!

    so pin-up sexy!
  4. cjy, I really hope so and I will definitely let you know how they fit and take pics once they arrive. I am hoping they will be here by Wednesday.
  5. Ah, just the look I'm going for.:cutesy:

  6. I think they are a great alternative to the architeks, as some have a little problem with the red on the heel, but these are so much more subtle. I like this look, they are sexy and clasy and to me there is no better combo than that.:tup::happydance:
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. I just got them in black on thursday too, you will love them !.. thy are very comfy too:tup: :heart:
  9. I love them! I want them! lol! Congrats and you know the routine...POST PICS AS SOON AS YOU GET THEM. ;)
  10. i tried posting pics, for some reason, I can't get the pic small enough, any ideas would be helpful !! :yes:
  11. I'm really loving the minibout in black! :heart: Please post modeling pictures of them once you receive these gorgeous shoes.

    I saw these IRL last week and loved how they looked. I didn't try them on simply because I knew that then I would definitely fall in love and have to buy them, even though I am on a black shoe ban. Hmmm ... maybe I need to reconsider whether I have enough black shoes.:graucho:
  12. Has anyone figured out what they think the taupe will look like IRL. It could be a beautiful color. It is a little hard to tell. Anyone seen it up close? Think it may be more of a gray taupe? Kinda has some green undertone to me.
  13. Well taupe comes with gray and green undertones a lot.
    These look really beautiful but don't look like comfy shoes :shrugs:
  14. From your experience what about them makes you feel that way!? I am trying to learn here!!:party:
  15. ^ Hmm I don't even know why I think they look uncomfortable..maybe it's the tiny tiny peeptoe? Well in general, I can say that CL's become uncomfortable after long periods of wear, no matter what kind of shoe they are. :biggrin: