Just ordered the Luba J Challah bag in apricot!

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  1. I just ordered this bag from Feng Junk and got 20% and free shipping with code 'grechen' (thanks Grechen's Closet!). I've never seen a bag from Luba J IRL before, but I read good things about them on tPF and it looked beautiful in the pictures I found! I'll post pics when it arrives next week! I'm just so excited and had to share...it's my 2nd designer handbag after my HH Mercer Clutch!:yahoo:

  2. I've always admired that bag, and I still want one in the dark blue-violet (I think) color. The leather looks very soft and pliable. Plus, I just love the handles! Will be anxious to read your review when your bag is delivered!!
  3. That's such an adorable bag!!! Congrats!
  4. looks lovely!
    great purchase!
  5. I love the handle on that bag! Can't wait to see pics when you get it!
  6. I moved into a new house and I have yet to unearth my digital camera, so excuse the cell phone pics. I'll post clearer pics when I have a chance to take them...this is my first time posting images on tPF.

    My first reaction to the bag: the leather seems a little dry. It's pretty soft, thick, and has a nice natural grain with a slight sheen. I'm going to try some leather moisturizer on it and see how it turns out. The hardware on the bag feels a little cheap...kind of plasticy and not very solid...that includes the interior zipper. Hopefully it will be durable enough. I'm mostly worried about the turnlock. I really wanted a bag with a turnlock closure, so I hope it doesn't break. :nogood:

    The style of the bag is very nice and the bag itself feels "sturdy." I love the details. The inside of the bag is a gorgeous orange suede. I think that's my favorite part! It only has one zipper pocket. I do wish it had a cell phone pocket.

    Overall, the bag is nice, especially for the great deal I got on it, but I don't know if I would buy another Luba J. For the retail prices of the Luba J bags, I would rather get a brand I have good bag experiences with like HH or Biasia.

    Thanks for reading my long post! :P

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  7. One more picture...

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  8. Last year I was in love with that bag in the jade color with gold hardware. I have seen that model in real life and it is super cute. From what I remember though, I felt that the turn lock closures would annoy me every time I needed to get into and out of the bag and it didn't seem like the bag would hold its shape well if one left them open all the time.
  9. It has one turnlock closure in the middle and a magnetic snap on either side of the turnlock (for 2 total snaps). I tried to show that in the 2nd pic. It might get a little annoying, but I'll let you know after I try it out for a few days...I just got it in the mail. Haha
  10. That looks beautiful! Love that rich color and the handle!
  11. Great pics from your cell phone! I find your description of the hardware very compelling, as I am a hardware freak.....no cheap gold tones for me. I didn't think the Luba Challa hardware looked cheap at all on their website. Thanks for your informative post, artiksun!
  12. I am almost positive the one I saw last year had 2 turn lock closures. They might have tweaked the design a little this year.
  13. I didn't think it looked cheap at all either - that's why I ordered it! I love 'substantial' feeling hardware. I have an HH with antiqued brass hardware....you can tell just by feeling it that it isn't plastic. The hardware on the Luba is shiny and doesn't look plasticy...even IRL...it's one of those things you have to feel it to tell. That's the biggest disappoint I have with this bag.
  14. I got this bag in black from Feng Junk using the SPRING07 coupon code a couple months ago (came out to $200 even!) and I LOVE it. I disagree about the hardware, I think it is rich and sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all. The bag is much bigger than it looks, the perfect size for going out at night or for every day! It fits my giant sunglass case and my long wallet and more! The inside of the black one is a rich blue suede, and the bag is made of the softest leather.

    The only annoying part for me is that when you open the bag, it is VERY open -- practically flat, because of the style of the bag. So you have to be careful of things falling out. It's not the type of bag u can walk around with it open!
  15. Wow...your bag sounds like a totally different bag! Haha I'm glad you love it. It certainly can hold a ton, but my 'hardware' is definitely really flimsy and my leather can barely be considered soft.

    I know what you mean about the bag being very open when you try to just crack it open a little bit! I've had a few things fall out of it! :P