Just ordered night blue MAM, this is going to lead to all of the colors isnt it? *g*

  1. I have a bad feeling this is the official start of my wanting every color. Cant wait to get the Night Blue, I think I will love it.

    Now just waiting to pounce on the elusive WINE! :smile:
  2. Heidi you will definitely love it! It has the *BEST* leather, I can't wait to hear what you think! And you must post pics!!
  3. Im exited to get it! And dont worry, I will definatly post pics! Im dying to see in "real life" just what color this thing really is!LOL
  4. ^ Hopefully you won't think I'm totally whack for describing the color the way I did - bluish purple - it's so subjective. But regardless, I know you will love it! Where did you order it from?
  5. Sorry, didnt see the question where I ordered from. Revolve with 30% off. Should be here thursday, I will post pics after I hug and pet it for a while. *g*