Just ordered New Britt Tote Cruise collection!


Apr 17, 2006
Gucci girls-
I have been looking for a new tote to take to the FLA keys for a few months in the winter--had my heart set on white Chanel Cabas, then LV Antigua Line in off-white, but have finally found it in the New Britt Gucci large tote tan logo fabric with white leather trim, very summery, with an interior lining of stripey multicolor fabric! Love it!!
Plus the cute G ornament on the bottom right side of the bag embedded into white leather and a D ring to hang my just-ordered LV monogram multicolore black pochette MM.
Tote bag from Gucci.com, comes in a few different color combos.
I would love to post a pic of this beautiful and elegant bag but the site must be encrypted because I was trying to copy the image and it will not let me open it and paste onto this thread.
The price, too, is really great, at just under $700 before tax and shipping. I have a cruise collection mono scarf tote that cost me about double that-think this is the right fit at the right price-can't wait to get it!!!will post pix when i do-
amyp :yahoo: