Just ordered my Sidekick 3!!

  1. I just ordered my Sidekick 3 yesterday, I am soo excited. It should be here July 10th & I can't wait! =)
  2. Can you tell me the differences between the 2nd and 3rd one?
  3. Congrats. Everyone is talking about the latest model.
  4. I haven't received it yet but I saw a model at a T-Mobile & it is just a little bit different. I like it because the features are a little better like the Camera, there is Bluetooth now, etc

    I can't wait!!
  5. LOL

    I got mine today!!! *shifty*
  6. Well Congrats to you all! When you get it, tell me about all the bells and whistles.
  7. OMG there is a LOT.
    Better camera, bigger memory for emails and pics, you can play music (mp3 stuff and so on), messengers are: aim, yahoo, msn (actually compatible with those, so you can hear the custom sounds and everything!), everything is re-arranged differently (it has an applications folder, messengers folder) and so on
  8. Did you get one too??!!! =)
  9. Duh, lol, didn't you see the picture I attached? :smile:


    Btw, you WILL love it!! :smile:
  10. OMG!! So cool! I cant wait.. Sorry I didnt see it, I am blind without my contacts =(
  11. Ooh... I didn't know that it already came out! I must have one! What is the general price range?
  12. LOL yes! hehe
    It came out yesterday for tmobile users and I got it today at 10am!!! XD

    All non-tmobile users have to wait until July 10th to get it. If you want to buy it at a store, you need to wait until July 10th.

    Price Range:
    If you are a tmobile customer and qualify for upgrade:
    2 year extended contract- 299.99
    1 year extended contract- 349.99
    No extension on contract- 399.99

    Otherwise, you may get rebate if you are a non-tmobile customer
  13. I'm so JEALOUS!!!!! :devil: I can't wait to get mine!! I love my sk2, but after playing with it today I am so ready to upgrade.
  14. congrats.. new toy to play with.. hehe
  15. Do you guys find that your thumbs cramp from texting? I always wonder that!