Just Ordered My New Chanel Sunglasses!!

  1. I just got off the phone and my sunglasses are on their way! Yippie! I ordered the 5076h in white!:nuts: These are my first pair and my first Chanel purchase!
  2. yaaaaaaaaaay:biggrin::yahoo: Congrats:biggrin:

    Pics as soon as it arrives:biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Will do! Very excited! I'm going to Vegas in December...i might be making my first chanel bag purchase...if not then when i go back in March...there are so many i like :roflmfao: !!!!!
  4. whats on ur mind for 1st chanel bag purchase?:biggrin:
  5. okay i'm not too sure on my termanology so please excuse me if i get it wrong lol...

    i was going through the Chanel referance library and i love the Flaps!!!

    My favorite was the Jumbo Flap in Violet i also love the white! But i think i would get it too dirty.

    What would you reccomend?
  6. I'd think maybe a Jumbo flap in RED since red handbags are in for fall or a more basic like black since you'll be able to wear it with practically everything. BTW congrats on your first CHANEL purchase!!
  7. I have these sunnies and LOVE them, they're the comfiest pair I've ever owned!
  8. I have these in brown and love them too! You will really enjoy them a lot.
  9. Congrats! I'm getting these in black myself. I think a Flap sounds great for your first Chanel bag purchase.
  10. i think i will have a better idea of which one i like the best when i see them in person :smile: i can't wait for my sunglasses to come in!! I hope it doesn't take too long!!!