Just ordered my first Zucca

  1. Yahoo!! I'm so excited! I ordered a Spiaggia Zucca and Denaro today. I*cannot* wait for it to get here!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good print placement. I just had to share the news with you girls. When it comes in, I'll post some pictures (if I can figure it out LOL...still need to post my Amore Gioco...)

    Counting down the days!
  2. Where did you buy it from, if you couldn't see the placement? I have a Spiaggia zucca and denaro, too, and I looooooooooooove it (both have my 95% perfect print placement)!! I'm sure I'm one of the few with zuccas on our island, since they don't sell them here.
  3. I went ahead and ordered it from lesportsac.com. The good news is that I'm not really all that picky about print placement....the one thing I want to try to avoid, however, is something another poster mentioned in another thread....I'd hate to have one of the girls whose heads is cut off, but her breasts are in full shot LOL that would *suck*!! Other than that, I think almost anything is ok. I live where there is absolutely *no* place to buy Tokidoki, so I have to resort to online purchasing. I went ahead with Lesportsac, because at least they have the Zucca, which I reeeallly want!
  4. That's great! Well, in that case, I reeeeeeeeeeeally hope you don't get a breast bag!! :yucky: The zucca is really great. It's my first and only zucca so far... I think I might like a Pirata zucca and denaro, but only if the price and placement was right!!
  5. Maya, I love Pirata! I'm thinking that will be my next Toki print. I'm a little more picky about that one. I love the purple-haired pirate girl with the red bandanna and the mermaid. Which, by the way, I love your avatar that you drew!!!
  6. Hahahaha! That's the favorite part of Pirata for me too, the purple haired pirate in the heart and the mermaid!! I never used to like Pirata because I'm not into pirates and that just turned me off from the whole scene... but every time my bf and I would go to LeSportsac he'd comment on how that was his favorite print because of the colors. And so the more and more I look at it, I'm starting to like it. *lol*

    And thank you.
  7. You and me maya!! although I only have an adios star and a inferno zucca!
  8. pirateprincess.. you will LOVE your zucca!! They are my fav!
  9. Yeah, and your AS is THE best!! Hehe. I wouldn't mind an Inferno zucca with the pink ipod devil and watermelon devil either!!! :graucho: I'm definitely always on the lookout for a great priced zucca!
  10. haha maya.. then you must really hate me!! It has both the pink ipod girl and the watermelon demon on it.. for a trade!! hahaha :biggrin:
  11. Hahahaha! It does?! Did you ever post a photo of it? But I never "hate" on anyone that has something I'd like. *lol* I'm always just thankful for what I have. :yes: I think more than an Inferno zucca I'd like a Pirata only because I already have two bags in Inferno and have nothing in Pirata. But of course if I were to get a Pirata zucca, I'd need a matching denaro. *lol*
  12. lol. I dont have a denaro! And no pics yet but I will do it tomorrow. I also found the kaukau magazines and got a bunch of them.. I love that ad!

    I have a pirata ciao and I love it, but I bet it would look suuuupppeeerr cute in pirata!
  13. Oh cool!! Glad you got 'em!! I'm hoping they'll have a Spiaggia ad, but I don't know if they will since they have some Spiaggia characters on that Pirata ad...?
  14. Congrats, zuccas are the best, I want more. :supacool:

    Hope you get a cool placement, the Spiaggia zuccas are usually pretty cute.
  15. Woo, spiaggia!

    I've started thinking about ordering a ciao....