Just ordered my first Pierotucci bag! Show me yours too.

  1. I agonized which bag to purchase first. The Kelly style, which I loooove but then the Birkin Style was starting to call me too. This bag will be for every day usage, so a shoulder bag is a must. They have a Kelly with a strap (and no handle) but didn't have any silver hardware left for that model. The regular Kelly has a strap but I didn't want to use it every day like that- I like it best as a handheld. Then there is a gorgeous tote that I came across, but that is too casual for work. Now I have 3 more things to add to my shopping list. :yes: And then the decision on leather.... :push: :p

    She is a 24cm in black firm embossed leather (the best for everyday wear) with silver hardware

    And I couldn't resist a little pochette in red, for pens, lipstick, small papers etc.


  2. Welcome to the Pierotucci club! :p I love that litte pochette! I've been tempted a few times, but I haven't purchased one yet. When you get yours, I'd love to know what you think of it.
  3. Those look exactly like Hermés bags:confused1:
  4. I didn't know Hermes produced a bag that looks like that. Interesting.

    Just for clarification....yes, many of the other styles look inspired by many different designs. However, they are not trying to be anything other than Pierotucci.

    As discussed in another thread, everyone has their opinion on inspired bags- not something I want to get into here. It is said that Hermes was inspired by an LV steamer bag when producing the Birkin. From what I understand, the brand is what carries the copyright, not the actual bag design. Since this company has been manufacturing in Italy since the 70's and has a storefront, I suspect any legal concerns of copyright infringment would already have been addressed.

    It would be interesting to start a thread of comparison bags (not fakes but actual designers who bags look similar)- I got the idea from your blog Foxmonkey.

    Foxmonkey- no problem. I will update the post with pics once it arrives.
  5. Actually, for the Birkin, Hermes was inspired by their own model; HAC, which was made in the 1800's before the LV steamer bag.
    Buuut, that's a different story...

    My HAC is the green one in my avatar.
  6. Here's my red firm leather Kelly-style:


    Your pouchette is really cute. I've been eyeing Pierotucci's wallets too.
  7. Shiba, that's a very unique bag, but it looks classic at the same time. I look forward to seeing your pics when it arrives!

    pseub, every time I see your Kelly-style bag, I fall in love again!
  8. Same here! I'd admired the style, but not necessarily in that color. Every time I see pseub's bag, though, I reeeeeeeeeally want a red one! :yes:
  9. Congratulations on an eye-catching pair of Italian lovelies! Do share when they arrive.
  10. Thanks for the correction, I wasn't sure.

    I was sooo want a red bag. Baby steps, starting with the pochette. Then maybe a 20cm in the polished red leather. I think I just added another bag to my list ;)
  11. Oh boy.. all the models are copied from H.
  12. pouchette is cute
  13. I don't understand it. Why go ga-ga over Pierotucci when you should drool over Herm'es, it's all originally by Hermes.

    I once wanted that Birkin look, but I've grown into feeling blah about anything but the real deal. I won't have a true Birkin-looking bag until I reach 6 figures and I get a Birkin. Or until I get a fab job that otherwise allows me to spend the money (or gives excuse to look fab). Anyway, a bunch of these bags does not equal one Hermes, to me. I think it's insulting, personally, that this brand makes such a living off of this. I understand a style here or there, but they have different leathers and the sizes, several looks.... I want someone to know what I have, but more importantly, I want to know what I have. If I don't have the original, I won't love it. I don't get it!

    I'm with the Hermes gals even before I can afford one. It's okay, I have three Paddingtons and a Stam!! All real, all the way. (I am selling most of my Coach bags, even.)

    Sorry, but I want to be real with you and give my opinion. This all being said, I can totally understand why some girls want to get a Pierotucci, but I don't get the pride AT ALL. I'd be hoping people thought it was an Hermes.

    And they're too expensive for copies...