Just Ordered my First Pair of Ballet Flats!!!

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  1. I am having these shipped from NM in Troy, MI b/c NM Chicago didn't have any ... sure hope they fit! The SA said they run small so they are sending me a 38.5 instead of a 38 .... anyone have these? how do they fit??

  2. i love those!!!! So pretty!!! How much were they?
  3. I normally wear a 39 in Chanel shoes, but I needed a 38.5, as they will stretch out a bit and I was afraid of them falling off. the SA I worked with suggested going down a half size in this style, but the more constructed ones tend to run on the smaller size. Good luck, these are great shoes!:yes:

  4. i forgot to ask :shame:

  5. really? a size down?
    The two SA's told me they run SMALL and I should get a half size BIGGER :confused1:
  6. I just those exact pair from NM in Troy!
    Anyway, I usually wear size 38, and I got 38.5. I could wear 38, but I felt a little tight around the back of ankle. 38.5 seems tiny bit loose, but they are patent leather, so they won't give in much. I chose comfort.... You can also ask them to send both sizes, and try them on!
  7. i believe its close to 600 before tax
  8. I love those shoes!! Please post pictures when you get them. What is that particular style/color called?
  9. Style: Flats (G25139X01012)
    Color: Light Pink (c3976)
    $575+ tax
  10. I have that pair of shoes! :love::love: ITs super comfy :shame: I am a 39 in Jimmy Choos and I have these in 39 too. They fit well! I think its called Flats Pink/Black toe (thats what my SA told me). :p

  11. :yes::yes: Yup and thats the model number for the shoe!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. I tried on both the 39 and the 38.5 (with a stocking, not bare feet) and just felt more comfortable in the smaller size. Since they are not constructed, but stretchy on the side, after wearing them a bit I was afraid they would begin falling off in the heel. But my feet are narrow. I agree, maybe you should have them send both and try them on to be sure. Enjoy, they are excellent shoes.:heart:
  14. i love these shoes. i really want a pair, but i can't afford to make a dint in my handbag fund right now. argh!!
  15. I have that pair but in beige with black. I bought them last year. That's why I didn't get the pink this year, as they looked very similar. I love them and they are very comfortable!