Just ordered my first Miu Miu bag!!

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  1. Did I do good?

    Scamosciato Old Satchel in brown:
  2. I think its a GREAT bag!
    Congrats! Post pics when you get it!
  3. Congrats.
  4. Love the colour...looks like it'll be a great everyday bag...CONGRATS!!!!!!
  5. Nice bag! I just bought something similar from NAP but not really sure of the name :hrmm: It's very similar but taller. I love Miu Miu! :biggrin:
  6. You did very good! :yes: That one caught my eye when I was browsing the NAP site too.
  7. u did great!
  8. good choice!
  9. It's gorgeous!! I love it. Where can I get one? :smile:
  10. I've been considering that for my first Miu Miu bag too! When you get it, report back on how much you absolutely love it! Does anyone know if this is available only in brown?
  11. LOVE it!:love: