Just ordered my first LV piece...so excited!

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  1. Well you've just lost your virginity...smile....enjoy the wallet is gorgous.:love:
  2. Congrats! Nice choice for a first LV piece :love: Enjoy it!
  3. That's a really good choice. It was great you ordered it now. Yay for free shipping. hehe
  4. Congrats! Take pics when you get it...I'd love to see it!
  5. Now you will want more and more LV - it never ends:lol:
  6. Good choice for a first LV piece. Post pics when you get it :smile:
  7. YEA for you!
  8. Congrats! Thats a great choice :love:
  9. nice wallet + good price. great choice :smile:
  10. good job i will buy that one soon to
  11. Nice! Use it well!
  12. Nice!!!
  13. ROFL...!!! :lol: this kinda 'loss of virginity' there's absolutely no regrets!
  14. Congrats! and the ball will keep rolling......:biggrin: