Just ordered my first Ignes!

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  1. Hello again, all of me dear lovelies! I'm giving myself some well-deserved time-off to stop in and thank all of you for your help and information. This has ended up being quite a long process, as I really was designing my ideal everyday bag. I decided to get a mini Chiara in tinted chocolate leather with lilac suede lining and silver hardware. I went ahead and asked for my initials to b engraved, as well.

    I've been swamped with work (which is a good thing, given economy,) but it has kept me from commenting here for too long! :crybaby: I hope to be more present in the near future.

    Am now off to post my swatches in the "swatch swap" sticky!

    Kisses, all!
  2. Mini Chiara in tinted chocolate leather with lilac suede lining and silver hardware! sound so lovely! congrats for your first Ignes!
  3. Congrats!!! That sounds lovely! I am in the process of ordering my first too! The initials is a nice touch too.
  4. Hiiiiiiiiii HikerChick! Congrats on your mini Chiarra. It will be so beautiful!
  5. Hiker chic! I've missed you! I almost pm'ed you when the mini Chiara came out!! So exciting!!

    oh, and your mini C will be so amazing! I do hope you can hang out more in the future, because we'll be wanting to see lots of pics and get a daily update about the bag. You will have to start a blog to make up for depriving us!! hee hee I am a little giddy today don't mean to scare you away again with my blabbering!
  6. Oh, wow - that sounds gorgeous and that tinted leather is tdf!
  7. Sounds very pretty! Welcome back and I hope you can drop in more often!

    Euridice- you are too cute!
  8. It is so nice to be back!

    NBL - thanks so much! I have been admiring your bags from afar, especially your Josephine... I am super excited about your short-listed design. I can't wait to see your's and NoCute's tomorrow.

    knasarae - are you still thinking about getting the midi in cognac? (I hope you excuse my lazy posting... I'm just now getting through the other threads, including yours!) Thanks for the kind words! (and... 5/8/09 indeed BABY!!)

    NoCute - I just saw your orMOMla, and think it is so sweet. What a touching way to remember your mom! I love it! Congrats on making the Ignes shortlist.

    Euridice - I have missed you all too! I was so excited about the mini C, and was ALMOST positive I'd get it. Then Josephine came along... your's is amazing! I need to find a way to get that bronze leather... and babble away! You KNOW how long-winded I can be.

    Suzzeee - Thanks so much! As much as I love the tinted chocolate, the raspberry gave it a run and was part of the reason why I took so long to decide. (Nothing like a 35% off sale to force a decision.) I LOVE that raspberry leather; it actually glows from within itself! You must post pics of your Francis as they come to you...

    elizat - your Josephine is so stunning especially with that gorgeous blue lining! I considered getting the turquoise suede (inspired by LionLaw's Luka!!!) as I have a thing for that brown/blue combo. You've also got me thinking about a light colored bag, which is entirely dangerous right now.

    Love being back! :heart:
  9. Congrats! Welcome back! The chiara is one of my favotire bags and your mini sounds perfect! Can't wait to see it.
  10. Hi LL! I'm so glad to be back! I DID stop in a while ago, noticed your grey Chiara and couldn't help but think "She's a beauty!" It really was the design I was drawn to most, and am thrilled that it is now available in a mini. Have you used your's much? How's she working out?

    I'm telling you now, I may snag your Luka combo. It is stunning in the ostrich!
  11. HikerChick, LL has such amazing style, my dh even moved from his "no two toned" to saying, "Wow, she has style" when seeing LL's Luka combo! And the ostrich...well...too awesome!
  12. I have used my chiara more than my sofias. It has been my sort-of goto bag when I don't have to go into court. I am a big fan of the chiara. No overhead flap so easier to get in and out of, no interior divider so it holds bigger things better for me and it is a flattering style. I ordered mine after reading Euridice's rave for hers.

    If you like big bags the regular chaira is a good size. If you want a more everyday bag the mini is perfect.

    Thanks on the luka. It was supposed to be a companion clutch to the sofia that was goign to be brown and turquoise but I chickened out. Still thinking on it though.
  13. Wow, thanks. I am blushing.
  14. ^ Aww, that's cute! It is true though- you've got a great instinct for what will go together well.

    HickerChick- thanks for the compliment on the Josie bag. I've not yet carried it b/c I am having a love fest w/ my BE... I need to break it out.
  15. Welcome back HC! Your choices sound gorgeous! :tup: