Just ordered my first Chloe paddinton from NM

  1. But it does not come with tag.
    I online chat with custermer service and they told me Chloe bag does not come with a tag. Is it true?
  2. Actually a lot of times with Neimans or Bergdorfs (which are the same company) you may not get the tags. But rest assured that they are authentic Chloe bags. If you are worried about having a tag for resale do not sweat it since tags don't really mean anything since they can be faked. Our authenticators do not rely one iota on tags.
  3. Thank you divnanata
    I am sure it is authentic and Neimans is a place that I can trust. I just suspect that this is a used bag. Actually I believe it is a used bag because it even has some small scrathes.
    But whatever, I like it a lot and it is really a bargain for under $800.
  4. Sorry to hear that your first Paddington purchase wasn't simple. Still i'm sure you'll love it as the paddy is still the most beautiful bag I have come across, and what a bargin!. Enjoy!
  5. ly21678 - sorry to hear about the scratches. The bag may have been used for a while before it was returned. Neimans does have a liberal return policy so they reduced the price to reflect the slight wear. You could call customer service to see if there are any other bags available to switch out - return this one and get another in better shape! It may be worth a try!
  6. I online chat with them and I think it is out of stock now but a nice guy there offer me a 20% off:yahoo:
  7. ^That's the way to make you feel better! I remember this happened last year during the sales and other posters did suggest to ask for the discount. Not a bad solution - huh!