Just ordered my first B Bag!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've just ordered my first B.Bag.

    Got it from Selfridges in the end, it's a red first. The shop assistant told me that it's the new colour red from the new season and they have only just come into the store.

    I'm so excited! Can't wait for it to arrive.
  2. Congrats, nik123. Bet it won't be your last! I'm smitten too and have just ordered a City Marine from Harvey Nichols in Leeds. I was really impressed with the £7 home delivery costs. Make sure you post us pictures of your new bag when it arrives.
  3. congrats!!! red first would be very stunning :yahoo:
  4. Congratulations!

    Can't wait to see photos of the new s/s07 red.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Get ready for the biggest addiction of your life!
  6. wow congrats Nik! What a great first bbag :biggrin:
    I love the new SS07 red - it's so bright, reminds me of summer!
  7. aww congrats!!!!!!!!!
  8. welcome & congrats!!! I have the red too
  9. :flowers: Welcome!!
    Congrats on the first Bbag!! You will love it!
    And you might as well start deciding on your next purchase now :lol:
  10. Congrats to your first and certainly not last!
  11. Ditto!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. congrats on the red first!! what's next?
  13. Congrats!