just ordered my baby paddy from diabro.net

  1. i just ordered my baby paddy from diabro.net.

    the purchase is in process. i have done the search on here and found some good and bad. the good still seems to outwiegh the bad experiences. the only bad experiences i read were about payment menthod and ID'ing the customer out of their country and also small boxes used for shipping. the good experiences is that they got what they wanted in the fastes possible time frame.

    so i basically was trying to get info on weather to use my amex or paypal. for those who dont know the credit cards will charge a conversion fee. what i just found out by another member here is that using paypal doesnt charge the conversion fee. i am in the process in seeing if diabro will change out the payment method.

    diabro.net will also send out an email asking what you want to declare about the amount of the purchase. that way customs fee will either be reduced or be wiped out completely (which i have yet to confirm).

    so far this is the day after the order online (saterday) and they are quick on the email response.
  2. Excellent - keep us posted on how it all goes

    What did you go for?
  3. Ooooo 949 after my own shop-ex today what did youd get - what did you get - OMG where has this girlie side come from - Obviousl tpf and chloe - it's all your fault tpf I except no responsability whatsoever!

  4. what did you get?
  5. i got this baby from them.



    2007 Spring Summer
    Mini Paddington Bag (Blanc)
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of your actual bag!
  7. Please keep us posted on the experience u have with Diabro. I'm thinking about purchasing a bag from them as well, but was not sure. Let us know and post pix too. Thanks!! :p
  8. this is the third day. monday

    i just got an email back from diabro replying from my earlier questions.
    i had asked if they can cancel the payment by my amex and let me repay by using paypal. the idea here is to not get the 2% fee from amex for the conversion fee and i was told that paypal will not charge a conversion fee. the email said they are letting me pay with my paypal. they will reissue a refund on the amex payment. all i have to do today is to send them my paypal payment.

    ... i just finished sending them payment with my paypal. i sent them an email again for confrimation. i was also lucky in another way.

    i dont know why for sure but my assumption is that the yen got weaker and the dollar got stronger or they are having a sale at diabro's mini paddingtion line because the item i wanted just went cheaper by about $100.00 U.S. dollar from last monday. i was lucky that i put in the order now instead of last week. unless they lower the price again this week. then im pretty screwed then cause then i should have just waited.
  9. Congratulations.
  10. thank you.
  11. monday night update.

    i just got an email from diabro.net

    they said they have received my paypal payment and have refunded my amex credit card charge. the asked if i can reply back to how much i wanted to declare again for customs. other then that they said they will be sending out the bag today when they get my reply back.

    i bet they might not check the email till tomarrow, so it won't be here till friday. :hysteric:
  12. Congratulations. It's great that you are keeping us posted on your experience with diabro.net. I can't wait to see photos of your bag when you get it.
  13. i have been debating whether to get my baby paddy from diabro or neiman's. on diabro it's almost $600 less ($1100 vs. $1650), but i think that i would drive myself crazy wondering whether it's real or fake. i hear mixed things about diabro and the peace of mind is worth it to me. i don't know enough about chloe to trust myself to know the difference.

    plus, after my experience with bluefly, i'm super-paranoid.

  14. as far is a i have found and read on here, i dont think anyone has said they have received any fake bags from diabro. the only issue was payment. personally i think you might want to consider them just because of the price. that is a huge price difference. i went ahead with them mostly because no one else has them and not price, but they are cheaper then msrp so that was a plus for me.

    p.s. please tell us the story about your experience with bluefly.
  15. Tuesday morning update.

    just checked my email. im very excited :nuts: :yahoo:

    i have good news and bad news. i guess we couldn't have good with out the bad. :rolleyes:

    good news is that they got the payment and said that they have shipped it out. the invoice on the site said it is "delivered" status. i hope that means it will be here by thursday. :wlae:

    bad news is that the funds were not calculated correctly. i have emailed them about this and i dont know what the answer will be but ill have to wait and see. :confused1:

    as stated on my invoice from diabro.net:

    the CHLOE - 2007 Spring Summer
    Mini Paddington Bag (Blanc)
    bag 98,000JPY $821.00
    shipping $27.00
    total $848.00

    i was told to pay $870.03 originally on my amex card.
    but with the mix up i had to pay with paypal so i resent them another payment of $870.03.
    but today i checked for my refund i got only 869.30.

    so why am i paying for 870.03 when the amount should be 848.00 total per their invoice? :confused1:
    also why am i not getting my full refund back, even tho its only a few pennies, i am just curious why not the original amount?
    so far my only answer for myself is that there is a difference between the yen and the u.s. dollar.

    so its not much but there is a total of $22.03 i lost on this transaction where i am still waiting for an answer for. it isnt that much but i just wanted to know where it went because there was no explaination for the price difference.

    some of you might be wondering why i didnt catch it right off. the reason is that they asked for me to send it in yen. because of the conversion and the pending refund , it was not apparent immediately.

    the first charge i didnt know they are going to charge me the 270.03 becuase all i gave them was a credit card number and the invoice said 848.00 total.

    the second payment was on paypal,they told me to send in yen 101,250JPY with no conversion amount in u.s. dollars. i only know that on the invoice it says "101,250jpy = $848.00 so i guess thats the correct yen for the u.s. dollar. the price is good to me so i didnt go into detail with that. not till i got the actual charge on my account did it say the real amount. so i am just going to wait and see. it isnt a huge amount that i would want to stop the purchase over but i wouldnt mind an explaination tho.

    with their low price already im not upset or angry just curious. :wondering